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For Juliana Carvalho, art is in the DNA. Born into a family of artists, childhood among brushes was a natural way to express emotions through shapes and colors.


Thus came the discovery of sculpture. What started early, as a joke, turned out to be a professional option and she gave classes to share her technique and passion.


With the desire to find new languages, the sculptor was enchanted with textures and layers. From then on, the relationship with painting began. Naturally, his canvases have, in addition to the visual message, an appeal to touch. The meeting of two worlds, almost sculptures in ink.


Also in painting, Juliana Carvalho reaffirms her versatility, navigating with equal ease between the Figurative and the Abstract. But she wanted more, and ended up creating her own style, which she calls “Flower Power”. Works in which Juliana combines the delicacy and femininity of the flower with the strength and power of colors and contrasts. The precision of the image and the very strong chromatic impact give meaning to the term “work of art”.


Aware of the transformative power of Art, Juliana believes that her work can influence the world in which she lives. His concern with social issues is manifested in works of refined symbolism, which bring much more than what we see at first sight.


Intriguing, captivating, his images perfectly reveal the independent and creative spirit, classic and innovative, of someone born to be an artist.

Individual Exhibitions

1998 Minas Gerais Gastronomic Festival (Brazil Cultural Center - EUA) Miami Beach - Fl

1993 Aibaia Cultural Space - São Paulo, Brazil - Project Contemporary Transformations

1990 Dodarte Art Gallery - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, Brazil

2020 UP Time Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

Collective Exhibitions

1997 - Charitable Auction - Casfé D'aAts - Coconut Grouve - Miami, Florida, United States of America

1994 - 1 Contemporary Art Salon in São Jose do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

1994 - 1 Award - Gold Medal - 12 Plastic Arts Exhibition in Rio Claro, SP - Brazil

1993 - 1 Prize - Great Gold Medal - 13 Summer Salon of São José do Rio Preto, SP - Brazil

2020 - Bernardo Akel Space - UP Time Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil 2020 - Ventana - UP Time Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil